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Learn the Value of DoFollow and NoFollow Links for SEO

A lot of people do not understand how this two terminologies in Backlinking work and there Benefits, with this resource you should be able to know what value you get when your website get a Back link either Organically or inorganically.

First let’s understand what Nofollow links and Dofollow Link means.

Dofollow links: are regarded has HTML attribute that are used to allow search bots to follow the links.

Let’s assume a webmaster credit a link to your perhaps to reference your Website with a dofollow link attribute, search engine bots and people can follow through the link.

That passage alone would help Google Bots/Spiders pick up your Website more quickly which can enable you show on higher positions on Google Search Result only if the Website has Great Traffic and Reputable.

So it will do you more good if you get Back links from High Traffic website, I mean websites that People visit more often that use the dofollow attributes.

Nofollow Links: The truth is No follow back links do not have any SEO Benefit because Nofollow links do not allow search engine bots/spiders to follow your links.

Since the main purpose of nofollow backlink is useless to Search Engines then we can such link does not help boost Page Rank website rankings and have no SEO value.

This is clear that Only Dofollow links have SEO Value and also useful to Humans. While Nofollow links are only useful to Humans and not Search Engines.

July 6, 2019

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