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Digital Marketing is a Type of Marketing and involves the use of technology or Programmatic utilities to Advertise Products and Services.  I personally call it the New age Marketing but don’t be confused when a Marketing Specialist talks about Online Marketing.

After completing the course you should be able to understand the terminologies used in Digital Marketing and how to use them Professionally.

Note: Beware that the explanations and definitions used in the Course are from the school of thought of Climaxbox Company and could be different from any other resource you might come across Online or Offline.

The courses will also correct myths and misconceptions of terms in the Digital Marketing Industry.

Upon completing this course and passing the test, you will get a certificate to show your achievement.

Read carefully and Happy Learning.


Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
What is Digital Marketing? 00:00:12
Terminologies used in Digital Marketing
Definition of a Keyword 00:05:00
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 00:00:30
Definition of Search Engine Marketing(SEM) 00:20:00
Definition of PageRank 00:10:00
Search Engine Algorithm and it’s functions 00:05:00
Definition of Link Building 00:00:00
Definition of Pay-Per-Click(PPC) 00:00:00
Definition of Quality Score 00:00:00
How to improve Quality score in Google AdWords 00:00:00
Definition of Cost Per Click (CPC) 00:00:00
Blackhat in SEO and its Negative Effect 00:00:00