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Why is Search Engine Marketing important?

SEM is Intent Based Marketing!

Its in no way Disruptive.

First of all understand the users psychology -

Users search on google because of these questions - How, When, Where, What. Search captures potential customers at the very moment of interest.

Google search results are the solutions to these questiosns. An example -if you searchHow do I repair my Oven, you will get search results along with ads, which would talk about Oven Repairmen or Oven Repairing Companies. So they show up when your intent is to repair and oven, it makes your life easy and you get what you want

Search is going to stay for another reason - Google is evolving it daily and effectively to make it more and more user friendly and supportive. Users ask questions and solutions to search engines, to solve their problems or queries.

Its imperative you are on search, because when your potential customers search you should be present and visible to show up.

Be right there the exact moment when you customers are searching for your Product and Service . 

SEM is important because people are looking for info on the internet and if they don't find you there, they go to another. So you'd better be on the first page of search results.

Here are just a few of the reasons why search engine marketing services are considered to be so important to modern businesses:

  • The search engines are the web surfers first point of contact when it comes to finding what your Prospective Customers want online and statistics show that over 90% go on to make a purchase / conversion. It would be a grave mistake to miss out on this amount of highly converting targeted traffic.
  • Having an effective and useful website will provide you with a 24 hour online sales representative that will be consistently available to prospective clients. If you produce relevant quality content that effectively sells your products then part of your sales pitch is already done for you and hasn’t taken up any of your time!
  • Appearing in the search engine’s natural listings is completely free of charge making search engine optimisation extremely cost effective producing a fantastic ROI.
  • An effectively managed Pay Per Click campaign can provide large quantities of pre-qualified leads within hours. The ad can be easily set up within minutes gaining you top placements in the major search engines and instantly bringing in highly converting traffic.
  • You are in complete control of the budget and campaign meaning that you can determine your own daily, weekly or monthly budget, keywords and keywords phrases you want to appear for and how long you want to run the ad for and you only pay when your Ads are Clicked (Pay Per Click).  

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