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What is page Rank ? Fundamentals of PageRank

If you do SEO or  involved with Google or search, you’ll come across this topic at some point. You might also  be confused about what exactly PageRank means. To solve that, i will be shedding more light to what PageRank means.

Let's have a brief analysis of what Exactly PageRank means and how it got into play .

Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, invented PageRank and it forms the basis for how Google works. Google didn’t become the best search engine in the world by chance, it became the best search engine because it provided the best results and it is still providing the best result through its awesome  algorithms which is also responsible for  Fighting Spam.

From Research it apparently shows that it was PageRank that gave Google its competitive edge over other Search Engines, which was a significant way to greatly improve the accuracy and validity of a search response to a user query which was there major goal .

PageRank provides a means to determine the value of a website, it stands has a vote for a website , regarding any given search term or keyword phrase. This value is determined by how websites link together with the more popular (and theoretically better) sites receiving more links. It’s these incoming links that help the site have a high PageRank value and might display higher up in search results. However page rank is not the only Factor responsible for ranking, rather PageRank and other Ranking Factors are responsible for site ranking . 

Before now Google displays PageRank Score If you install the Google Toolbar into your browser, you can choose to switch on the PageRank display (it’s in the options). This will make a little green bar appear above web pages you visit. The green bar represents the PageRank of the page you are viewing in your browser. The ranking starts at 0 (no ranking) up to 10, the highest ranking and can be blanked out completely if the page has been banned from Google. 

But as at 2016 the PageRank score has been made secret and only Google knows the PageRank of a page . I don't think we should duel on that much, Because we know its not only PageRank that is responsible for Ranking. There are several others Factors perhaps more than even 200 factors has introduced by Google .  Backlinking  will improve your Website PageRank you can take a look at my Link Building Guides and if you are new to Backlinks Read What is Back Linking .

In two points :

1. PageRank is  one out of MANY ranking factors responsible for ranking in search results.

2. PageRank tells how important a page is, compared to other pages.