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What is E-commerce or Definition of Ecommerce ?

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As written in this title both can be written as E-commernce or Ecommerce, most people write it as Ecommerce without putting the "-" Sign after the "E" Letter . 

Let's go ahead with the Definition of a Ecommerce website ,Because i came across a article where there was a miconception  between Ecommerce website and other E-Business websites such as E-Booking Websites

What is Ecommerce ?  Or What is E-commerce ? 

Ecommerce is use of electronic transmission medium that caters for buying and selling of products and services. It's a subset of Ebusiness  . 

E Stands for "electronic network" and describes the application of electronic network technology - including Internet and electronic data interchange (EDI) - to improve and change business processes 

The C Stands for COMMERCE and commerce is the activity of buying and selling of goods and services, especially on a large scale.  

If we bring the two together in order to get a refined definition we might end up saying E-commernce or Ecommerce is the Use of Electronic transmission medium that caters for Buying and Selling of Products and Services. 

Hope this article helps to Understand the meaning or definition of E-commernce and will also help us to know the Difference between Ecommerce and other E-business websites such has Online Booking Websites or E-Booking websites . You can use the following to build Ecommerce Websites without coding knowledge : 

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