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What is Link Building ? Learn Linking Building Techniques

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In this writeup i will be sharing what is link Building ? and how to build quality backlinks . I Noticed some people over do Backlinking , which will not in any way help there website. It will rather endanger them and reduce the Trust Google has for there website .

What is Link Building ?

Link building (alternative spellings include linkbuilding , backlinks and link-building) refers to the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website. It is one of the most and over used tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO).

However Backlinking is a off-page part or process of doing SEO which Search Engine optimization has we discussed in our Previous Article on SEO .

Google's perception is, if a site is well recognized and it is creating an impact other sites will link to it and since we know that Trust is the Key then Google will give the Site in which gets quality backlinks priority  ,however backlinks are not the only Factor for Ranking, Google has 200 Factors for Ranking sites which was introduced by Google on there webmaster official website .

Since we now Understand why Backlinks are important let's move ahead to review the ingredients to consider while building Links for a website . This terminologies are very important core part of building quality Backlinks so as not to endanger or complicate site issues .

1. LQ : Link Quality -    What is a quality link? It’s one of those “you’ll know it when you see it” types of things in many cases. But a link from any large, respectable site is going to be higher on the quality scale than a link you might get from commenting on a blog. In addition, links from those in your “neighborhood”, sites that are topically relevant to your site, may also count more.

Example : Think of your neighbor in which you trust so much because you have done business together and it worked out just fine . If that same neighbor introduces another Person to you am sure you will also trust the introduced person Because it is from a Quality Link ! This is exactly how Quality links work in SEO the more you link to trusted site , relevance of your site to the neighbor sites and other things also count in knowing if the link is quality or not . In one of my articles, will explain more on it .

2. Lt: Link Text/Anchor Text : Relevance is a key ingredient in SEO and if you are linking to sites you should consider the link text or Anchor Text you wish to use , Because it should be relevant to your Industry many sites do aggressive backlinks Learn the dangers in doing aggressive Backlinks and have it at the back of your mind that they might not make your website Rank Why ? Because the links might  to relevant to there Industry which means the link is not Quality .

3. Ln : Number of Links : This are just the number of Links you have on a Single website ,well we don't know exactly how Google perceives the amount of Links on a single website but the myth about how it is bad to back link many times from a single site is totally very wrong . Absolutely it is wrong , you can link as many times as possible from a Single website . However that does not mean you will be skyrocketing to the top page for the Keyword , don't forget there are still 199 factors in play . And also you can get penalized if google finds it suspicious .

4. Internal Links - This is also a important part of SEO especially for those blogging, that have many articles ,you should use hyperlinks to link your pages together to aid easy navigation .

BackLinking Techniques - How to get other Publishers to Link to my site

Let me introduce you to how to get Backlinks in a natural way not use of Blackhat which might hurt your site in a long-run . Have been using this method and it works Perfectly well am getting a lot of Backlinks for Climaxbox .

1.  Content Creation & Promotion - Create compelling content that people will want to reference and link to, and tell people about it. I used that very well and in few days i see sites who have Linked to my site therefore giving me credit for copying my content on there website.

2. Submissions - Submit your news to press releases, submit your site to directories, etc.

3. Reviews & Mentions - Put your product, service, or site in front of influential bloggers.

4. Links from Friends & Partners - Get people you know and people you work with to link to your site.

There are two main issues with all of these tips and tricks for developing inbound links to your website:

They take a lot of time - Building quality contents and developing links from parties who may be interested takes a long time. It also requires certain resources: good copywriters, time to dedicate to the promotion of your goods or services, etc.

They're dependent on external forces - You're reliant upon sites you don't control. This means you're unable to have a say in the quality of the linking page, the words they use to talk about your product, or the specific pages on your site they link to.

Something Great about Backlinking its gives your website a lot of Traffic ,which are bits of Traffic from other websites . It definitely increase your sales and Brand awareness  for either your Product /Services or Blog . Apart from the SEO purpose in fact Google Recommends posting in Directories . If you want to know more you can Consult a Specialist.  You can choose to follow our Backlinking Guides