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A Shift to Accelerated Mobile Page for Website Owners and Webmasters

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A Shift to Accelerated Mobile Page for Website Owners and Webmasters 

Climaxbox Digital Marketing Agency team are glad to share the Revolution of User Experience which is why Google has recently announced its bold decision to split the search index between mobile and desktop, giving the mobile version of the index priority over the desktop version. This indicates massive changes to the way the search engine will operate, therefore moving forward. Why should you care?

As we can see that Google has announced to take this step then it means Mobile Responsive website will be given priority , which means those who have Fully Mobile optimized website will get high increase in traffic on there website through the Search Auction.

It's definitely the Revolution of Web, because so many people now use Mobile Phones to Surf the net, Get Information or Patronize Products and Services therefore Climaxbox Digital Marketing have been working to improve on Accelerated Mobile pages , its yet to reach its peak but we plan to follow its progress . 

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) ?

There was a new Development that Google recognized and has told Publishers to start making using of it . Accelerated Mobile Pages with short form AMP has it name implies Loads faster than standard or normal Mobile Pages . We have worked on Many of our pages, you can take a look at this page here is one of our Mobile AMP Pages

You will see the above Loads quickly and that is why we recommend for all our Clients or other webmasters to Follow up the Revolution in order to give Website users a Great Touch and Experience via there website using Accelerated Mobile Pages .  We know Google will indirectly be using AMP as a Ranking Factor therefore favoring those using utilizing AMP on there websites . 

Apart from its ability to Load very Fast it also includes Schema models which help Search engine to Understand and access  your website much better .

Example : With Schema you can automatically tell google that the Article of your site is a News Article, so it can displayed in the News section or you can tell Google its an Event,Video or just a Normal Article . 

How to Add AMP to  Website ? 

It actually depends on the Platform in which your website is build upon , Example at Climaxbox Digital Marketing Agency we use HTML in our Core sites , which means our use of AMP is directly HTML . 

For WordPress Users a AMP Plugin has been created for use , all you need is installing the Plugin and Configuring it . 

Learn more about AMP here :   https://www.ampproject.org
Or further consult our Agency for Assistance . Test your Page Speed using Think with Google page Speed checker

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