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How do digital marketing agencies work?

Digital marketing agencies are very different from any traditional advertising agency because the processes take place in real time. It's crazy, dynamic and at the same time innovative! So to understand how digital marketing agency works, you should first understand what are the various departments.  So typically any digital marketing agency (from now on DMA) will have all departments as i indicated below , you may like to read what is digital marketing?

1.Sales  / Marketing Team - As the name suggest, they market the brand name and get the sales. How? well..thats a different story all together.  How do they get their clients? - Well, Sales team is one of the most crucial part of the whole process. To get the details and potential customers, a typical sales unit uses internet, newspapers, magazines, some times present clients gives out the name (while disclosing their competitors or the sales person has really good contact with present client), by analyzing DMAs competitors, and the list goes on and on.

2.Accounts Team - Provides the support by preparing and examining financial records.

3.Account Managers/Client Servicing Team - They handle company's clients / customers.  They act as company's face for the client. Once the client comes on board- through the sales team- the accout managers or client servicing executives receive the requirements raised by the client. These requirements are then planned into tasks that are then allocated to the various teams.

4.Content/Creative Communications Team - The content that is needed for a client's requirement, such as, blogs, websites, ads, etc. is created or curated by the content team. This team generally works with the SEO team to write content with focused keywords.

5.SEO Team (Search Engine Optimization) - The SEO team helps to improve the visibility of the client's website in the results of a search engine. The target is to recieve organic or unpaid visibility and attract more customers to the website. If preferred by the client, paid links  can also be bought by the team to help the client's website rank better. Learn more about Search engine optimization

6.Web-designing Team and Development Team - Web-designing team designs the website and the development team develops or program the website to make it eligible to run on the browser.

7.SEM Team ( Search Engine Marketing) -   Though SEM and PPC are used interchangeably, these are very different. PPC (pay per click) is a way or one module (you may call it) in the SEM. Not necessarily all SEM teams use the PPC module. SEM Team is completely opposite to the SEO Team with regard to the fact that they spend the client's money to generate leads. 

8.SMO (Social Media Marketing) -  They handle all the social media platforms to promote the brand and facilitate one-on-one interaction between the client and the consumer.

9. QA or Quality Analysis TeamEvery requirement generated by the client goes live only after a strict quality analysis of its feasibility. Content, design, navigation, image visibility, load time, etc. is checked by the QA team.

The above teams work in collaboration. In any digital marketing agency, each team is linked with the other and the performance of one affects the other. To understand the workflow, I'll quote an example from my company. At, my company i.e., Climaxbox Digital Marketing Agency- Climaxbox is a Performance Driven Digital Marketing Agency, whenever a new deal is cracked by the sales team, we list out the requirements of the client. 

About the life cycle of a project, I'll explain in a nutshell because now you are aware of all the teams and their roles. So if a client needs to sell his property online, a campaign is created. The content for this campaign- facebook ads, google ads, blogs, etc. are created by the content team. The content is then shared with the design team for making the creatives. These are then sent to the account managers who share it with the client. Once the client approves the campaign, it is sent to the SEM team, which using various platforms uploads and runs these ads. So when you see a sponsored ad while surfing, remember that it has come from this route. When a user clicks on any of these ads, he or she is taken to a landing page, created again by us. If the client needs a website, then the content & design team create the website that goes for development to the development team.

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A digital marketing agency works by collaborating with different types of teams including marketing team, Accounts team, Client serving team, creative communications team, SEO team, web designing and development team, and SEM (search engine marketing) team. The staff involved in these different teams works aggressively and focus on the things ranging from social media to pay-per-click, search engine optimization, custom programming, and many more. Every team works in collaboration with the other team, and the performance of one team affects the performance of the other team.

The digital marketing agency comes up with a questionnaire for its clients. The agency asks them to fill it up and wait for their answers. Moreover, the marketing company tries to get more insight details about the products, history of the business, objectives, previous issues, revenue, etc. Furthermore, the company hires a strategist who works with the clients directly to know about their business. That being said, the strategist takes into account the recommendations required and their competition. He then considers all the website updates, marketing process, strategies, and other features. The strategist, thus, works in sync with the needs of the client.

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