At Climaxbox Agency we are interested in growing your business ,not just our Brand Portfolio.

The Internet Marketing Firm. (“Climaxbox Agency”) is a sub-division of I.A.E.A Limited, Providing Internet Consulting services while Funding/Managing a Team of Engineers and Marketers to develop and sell software for Marketing Automation and Customer Solutions.


AD PLACEMENT AND MARKETING STRATEGIES The primary source of revenue for the business will be the development and placement of advertisements among selected media, on behalf of the Company’s clients. Founders expects that the business will earn a substantial amount of revenue from these services within the Company’s targeted market. Each advertising campaign and marketing strategy will be developed to ensure that the business provides each client with maximum visibility for their advertisements.

INTERNET CONSULTING SERVICES This is another branch of the company to enable our Company to Guide Client Company on the Best Internet offers and Practices to Client's Company therefore Providing Solution to improve the Company's workflow.

As Part of our aim to offer/Sell creative/Innovative Software and Web Solutions to Client's Company , using our brilliant Experts to solve Company Problems .

TRAINING ACADEMY This is another Great Avenue spot for the company and we will ensure that the Academy provides more talented individuals who will be able to Jack pot in the Competitive Industry . The Academy is meant to Train Individuals to Learn Technology Skills of their choice such has Programming and Internet Marketing therefore getting a Work Experience and Certification which will grant them access to work in Companies without a Formal Certificate.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Our Unique Proposition is our Experts , Alamu Akinyemi Peter who is currently the CEO has Four (5) years of experience in Digital marketing campaigns and 11 Certifications in Total , 7 Google Certifications including a Personalized Certificate he got from Google in 2016 signed by Google Online Marketing Vice President . He his currently a Top Contributor at Google Adwords Forum, for solving Business Problems of members of the Forum. And other Senior and Junior Staffs of the Company who will ensure increase in Return of Investment of Clients


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